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Bank Rebranding Case Study

Best 14 Interesting Rebranding Case Studies Rebranding is the art of refreshing the existing and inducing a new spirit into it. The process can be challenging, if.

  • The three case studies illustrate how important it is to have a defined strategy when rebranding. Marketing for a rebrand needs to reflect the company and its values. It needs to catch the imagination of the consumer..

  • Rebranding is like the shedding of old skin in lieu of a new, improved and relevant one. Let’s look at 10 successful re branding case studies. 1. Animal Planet Animal Planet is loved world over for bringing people close to the wonders of the animal kingdom. Their universal message required a universal and fun logo that transcends all platforms.

  • Abstract: This case study is about the rebranding exercise adopted by the Union Bank of India as part of its 'Nav Nirman' initiative. This involved a change in the bank's logo and repositioning Union Bank as a customer friendly and modern techno-savvy bank in India. The case also studies the role of the media campaign in this exercise.


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